Aaron Watson Joins Raider Hall Of Fame

Randall High School alumni turned country music star Aaron Watson had some key words of wisdom for students as he was inducted into the school’s hall of fame on Friday.

“With anything, whether you want to be an artist or whether you want to be a doctor, it’s hard work and persistence,” Watson said as he addressed the student body in the Randall High Gym. “Perfection is tough to achieve, but you can achieve persistence and hard work.”

Randall High School Principal Steve Williams said Watson is the 18th recipient of the award. It’s a way to bring back students who have gone on to success and let them share those experiences with students getting ready embark on their own journeys, he said.

“We get to present him to the student body and let them see ... that you’re a student now and this is what you could become with a lot of hard work and dedication,” Williams said.

Watson, who called the induction an honor, said his mom and dad have played a big part in his music, with the former pushing him to sing at church and the latter listening to musicians like Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.

“You know I tell people that I’m a Christian singer that plays country music,” Watson said. “My music revolves around my faith, my family and my fans; when I’m writing a song, when I’m putting on a show, it’s those three things that keep me grounded and keep me focused on who I am.”

He said his music was also heavily influenced by his time in West Texas and his time as a student at Randall.

“Amarillo will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s home,” he said. “Amarillo is a good place to be from.”

Article: Amarillo.com