[PEOPLE] Why Aaron Watson Considers Having a Daughter the Greatest Gift That Could Happen to a Man

Aaron Watson has had a rather unconventional career in country music. Hailing from Texas and growing up playing in the clubs and bars frequented by the Texas country music community, the singer may have been a big star in the Lone Star state — but in Nashville things have been a little bit different.

“I’ve had every label in Nashville tell me that I’m not good enough,” the father of three, 39, tells PEOPLE, but perhaps it’s Watson who’s getting the last laugh now. Two years ago, the “Outta Style” singer released his 12th album, The Underdog, and made history being the first solo male artist to self release an album that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard top country albums chart.

Now, with his 13th album Vaquero out, he’s not holding a grudge against Music Row, but using his experiences fighting his way to the top to set an example for his three children: sons Jake 10, and Jack 9, and daughter Jolee Kate 7.

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