THE ROAD & THE RODEO (2010) Tracks


    The Road and The Rodeo

    Wild Horses & honky Tonkin' bars
    drives a man to chase gold buckles and guitars
    I don't do it for the money I can't blame the fame
    It's been a long hard ride, still I saddle up just the same
    I'm rolling right along, sky above is blue
    I got the window rolled down and I'm listening to Chris Ledoux
    Half a can of caffeine running through my veins
    running rain or shine and I'm never pulling back the reins
    No you may not see me on your TV, I'm seldom heard on your radio
    But if your looking, you might just find me somewhere between
    the road and the rodeo.

    (Aaron Watson/Mark Sissel)


    The Road

    I'm there to greet you when your life begins
    You'll start your journey on your knees and hands
    I offer many choices an' places you can go
    'Cause you must choose 'cause I'm just the road

    I'm paved with mem'ries, glory and regrets
    I'm lined with broken dreams and cigarettes
    You can take all you can hold but if you stumble b'neath your load
    Don't blame me; I'm just the road

    I'm a million miles before you, I'm a million miles behind
    I'll take you straight and narrow, I'll ramble and I'll wind
    So curse my broken brimstone or kiss my bricks of gold
    I'm not the reason, I'm just the road

    Road to riches, the path of righteousness
    Through busy cities, or through a mountain mess
    I'll take you through the high way or snake you through the low
    But it's your call, I'm just the road


    (Instrumental interlude)

    Your last breath is not the death of me
    I'll take you on to where your ticket reads
    To that place where I hope shinin' angels greet your soul
    If they don't, I'm just the road

    ‘Cause, CHORUS


    So don't you thank me don't you blame me
    When you're at that judgment throne
    'Cause I'm not the reason, I'm just the road

    (Elliot Park)

  3. Walls

    Some days are diamonds
    Some days are rocks
    Some doors are open
    Some roads are blocked
    Sundowns are golden
    And then fade away
    And if I never do nothing
    I'll get you back someday

    You got a heart so big
    It could crush this town
    And I can't hold out forever
    Even walls fall down

    All around your island
    There's a barricade
    It keeps out the dangers
    And holds in the pain
    Sometimes you're happy
    Sometimes you cry
    And half of me is ocean
    And half of me is sky

    'Cause, CHORUS

    Somethings are over
    Somethings go on
    Part of me you carry
    And part of me is gone

    'Cause, CHORUS

    'Cause, CHORUS

    (Tom Petty)


    Best For Last

    He made the heavens and the earth
    Separated day from night
    He made man and it was good
    Still something wasn’t right
    And all creation stood in awe
    At the woman standing there
    Wearing nothing but a smile
    And a flower in her hair

    And all along, the good lord knew
    What the world would be like without a girl like you
    Your love’s the kind of beautiful
    That will never be surpassed
    Now I know why he saved the best for last

    There was someone who broke my heart
    Long before I fell for you
    I would have swore she was the one
    I thought she was my dream come true
    As all the walls came crashing down
    I hit my knees right there
    Looking back I’m thanking God
    For that unanswered prayer


    How can I describe my love for you
    You’re my life you’re my whole wide world
    It’s kinda like a feeling I feel holding our newborn baby girl


    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson Song (BMI)


    Fast Cars Slow Kisses

    She was home all alone on a Saturday Night
    she was all dressed up, not a thing going on
    When this online dating infomercial caught her eye
    She laughed and thought to herself
    all the good ones are gone,
    still she jumped on the net, filled out her registration
    well luckily gave her a age and occupation
    how much do you make what do you love to do
    take care congratulations found the perfect match for you

    She thought oooh. last thing I need is another
    pickup truck and some pickup line oooh. from some wannabe cowboy
    wasting my time with red roses and wine
    I love fast cars, slow kisses, John Wayne movies
    and I don't line dance, I wanna fall in love
    wanna waltz across Texas, looking for a good ole' fashion romance

    Now at the very same time, on the other side of town
    his busted up broken heart, was lookin for a rebound
    and that online dating infomercial caught his eye
    he had nothing to lose so he gave it a try

    He thought ooh. last thing I need is another pretty girl
    who just wants to have fun oooh. but when he read what she wrote
    that is when he said to himself, this one's the one
    I love fast cars slow kisses, John Wayne movies
    and I don't line dance, I wanna fall in love
    wanna waltz across Texas, I'm looking for a good ole' fashion romance

    Oooh. some find true love in a bar, in a church love will find you
    where ever your at, they struck a match made in heaven
    who wouldn't want to find something like that,

    they loved fast cars slow kisses, John Wayne movies
    and they don't line dance, they walk down the isle
    then they waltz across Texas, finally found a good ole fashion romance
    good 'ole country fashion romance, fast cars slow months

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson songs (BMI)


    Bless Her Crazy Heart

    O, lord save my soul
    I like to get a little loud
    Goes without saying I suppose
    I’ve got this thing for old guitars
    Honky Tonkin’ bars and my honey suckle rose
    Cuz she’s as sweet as she can be
    She keeps me coming back around, and around
    Seems I’m always on the fly
    When that ramblin’ fever rises high
    She brings my temperature back down
    She always does

    I’d be an out of control, wild, and wonderin’ gypsy soul
    And I know without her love I’d fall apart
    That girl of mine must be plum half way out of her mind
    For loving me, God Bless her crazy heart

    I’m like a full time job
    Sometimes a household chore
    I wonder when she said I do
    If she truly ever knew
    What our future had in store
    Somehow she still believes in me
    Through all my many winds of change
    Some have faith it will move a mountain
    Lord she’s got the kind that will move the mountain range
    She always moves me



    A love like this is like a slow train
    I’m bound to crash and burn, derail, twist and turn
    My life is borderline insane


    That girl of mine must be plum half way out of her mind
    For loving me, God Bless her crazy heart

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson songs (BMI)


    Zero To Sixty

    I sat down at a park bench watching my children play
    When this old timer took a seat he said hello how’s your day
    Said to tell you the truth I shouldn’t be here doing this
    Between the headlines and deadlines I’ve got no time to reminisce

    That’s when he said sounds like you’re a busy man son that aint front page news
    He said once upon a time I was wearing your brand of boots so listen up

    I’ve gone the wrong way I’ve learn the hard way
    Baby’s crawls then they walk before you know it
    There driven away
    As your staring at the tail lights you can feel life passing you by
    It goes zero to sixty in the blink of the eye

    He took a picture from his wallet that he carried threw out the war
    Of the beautiful brunet he married in 1944
    My angel flew way it’s almost been five years
    And he told me her name then he wiped away his tear
    Then he said take a look at your little girl
    Enjoy that little girl smile
    Because on day your gonna turn around you’ll be walking her down the isle


    So count your many blessing and love with all your heart and hold on tight You better cherish every morning and hit your knees every night

    So I said lord I’ve gone the wrong way I’ve learned the hard way
    We live we die the years fly by like white lines on the high way
    Slow me down and make me see
    The kind of man I need to be

    CHORUS…in the blink of the eye

    (Aaron Watson/Drew Womack)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson songs (BMI)


    Sweetheart of The Rodeo

    Well rumor has it so they say
    she was broke down on the highway
    she was checkin' it out
    she was underneath the hood
    when up rolled some country boys up to no good and makin' noise
    to help the lady out like a good ole boy should
    the two came up on each side and said
    hey honey you want a ride
    one winked and the other gave her a little pinch
    and so the story goes she hauled off and broke his nose
    with her daddy's diamond horseshoe monkey wrench

    She's a high-stakin', heart breakin', absolutely breath- takin',
    make no mistakin', she's mighty hard of holdin', many cowboys tried, many a cowboy
    dang near died
    she's no sweetheart of the rodeo

    well pretty girls these days get straight on top in so many ways
    things in show biz and those glamour magazines
    nah she's not one to befriend the latest so called fashion trend
    she just naturally looks fine in those tight blue jeans


    No she's no sweetheart of the rodeo
    boys you been warned so now you know
    so straighten up and act your age
    you'll be lookin' down the barrel
    of her daddy's 12 guage


    Lord, CHORUS

    No she's no sweetheart of the rodeo

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson songs (BMI)



    Out with the old.
    And in with the new.
    That's what they say,
    Those who don't have a clue.
    You're fighting this rain.
    You're willing the shine.
    You can't help yourself.
    But I know you are trying.

    When your heart and your head disagree
    Then I'll bet if you made them unite
    There would be such a fight
    Over what they should do
    With this problem and you
    Don't know how to resolve this conflict

    Still chasing a dream
    You're facing the facts
    The weight of the reel
    No more regrets
    No looking back
    The problem to big
    The tower to high
    Yes says the heart
    But no says the mind


    I wish this world apart
    Where I could give you all the answers
    But the fight continues on
    And the fact of the matter
    Is I am convinced we all
    spend far too much time on the fence
    Choosing sides
    Tell me which is right

    Don't know how to resolve this conflict
    Tell me how to resolve this conflict

    (David Dunn)



    Well, Houston
    Houston means that I'm one day closer to you
    Oh, Houston
    Houston means the last day of the tour and we're through
    Well, honey, you and
    God in Heaven above know I love what I do for a livin', I do
    Ah, but Houston
    Houston means that I'm one day closer to you

    Well, singin' at the world's biggest rodeo show
    Was a great time for me and the guys
    Ah, but when I'm away from you, honey
    Time always never flies

    And sleepin' all alone in that holiday hotel
    Sure makes a cowboy blue
    Ah, but here I am in Houston
    And I'm one day closer to you


    Well, honey, Houston
    Houston means that I'm one day closer to you

    (Larry Gatlin)



    About every time you turn on your television there's another so-called movie star either suing somebody or going back to
    jail or out of rehab and right back to the bar.

    I bet you heard about the two celebrities.
    They threw away a fortune on their wedding day. Looking back they should have fed half
    the world instead and now they are
    getting a divorce in LA.


    So you can keep your caviar and your champagne and your million dollar mansion in Bel-Air.
    Who really cares if you drive a Maserati?
    Who gives a flip about the fancy clothes you wear?
    Cause all the money in your dog eat dog kind of world couldn't buy you a lick of happiness.
    No Hollywood wouldn't know love if love walked up and gave Hollywood a kiss.

    Oh poor poor little rich girl, her daddy has hotels to burn.
    She's got a slogan that's hot, talent that's not, no she don't have a care or concern.
    She's got a private jet, videos on the net, and VIP parties every other hour.
    She's got her BFF, an entourage, and a chef.
    Ego bigger than the Eiffel Tower.

    Honey, CHORUS

    Supermodel, rock stars, hundred thousand dollar cars, treating life like a pleasure cruise.
    You know there's not a lot of difference between cheap toilet paper and the supermarket tabloid news.
    Now you can throw a hissy fit, you can blame it on the fame, or the pressure and the paparazzi
    but what we all really need is lots of love from above and a little more and more less vanity.


    No Hollywood wouldn't know love if love walked up and gave Hollywood a kiss.

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2010 Sonnet Publishing, Aaron Watson songs (BMI)


    High Price Of Fame

    As sad as the sound of an old steal guitar
    A driftin' cowboy rode away with her heart
    All the boozing' and using' Audrey couldn't win for loosing'
    Left forever in the back of that Cadillac

    Beautiful Jessie had only one flaw
    Fallin' head over heels for a Texas outlaw
    Puttin' up with Waymore took way more than she had
    She was the good-hearted woman through the good and the bad

    And all those highways and heartaches
    All the mistakes a man makes
    Where's the glitter and gold as the shadows unfold
    Everyone knows his name but she pays the high price of fame

    Johnny knew June was heaven sent
    Was addicted and busted heartbroken and bent
    She was color and light to the dark side of his soul
    Lovin' a man in black sometimes took its toll


    As I'm singing this song I'm thinkin' bout you
    Wondering is this worth all that I've put us throughAll those highways and heartaches
    All the mistakes that I made
    Where's the glitter and gold as the shadows unfold
    Everyone Knows my name but you pay the high price of fame

    Aaron Watson


    The Thing's You'll Do

    On a stage behind chicken wire at the roughest biker bar in town
    Dodgin' chairs and broken beer bottles but I wouldn't put that guitar down
    Down the road another night another show never known' if somebody's showin' up
    You live to play another day the things you'd do to do what you love

    Oh the things you'll do like sleepin' in an old church van
    Where you're payin' your dues playin' for free workin' three jobs so that you can
    Well the fact that I'm alive and I'm singin' this song is a miracle from above
    Thanks to the man and every fan the things you'll do to do what you love

    Out in the cold in the freezin' snow I got down on my knee
    Sold my six string and bought you a ring and said honey will you marry me please
    Girl I'll admit it it was well worth it but getting rid of that guitar was tough
    Thank God you bought it back the next day, the things you'll do to do what you love
    Oh the things you'll do like when you woke me up at 4AM
    You were seven months pregnant craving ice cream, a jar of pickles and a can of spam
    When I heard what you said I jumped out of bed and I drove off in my pick up truck
    I saw your smile and it made it all worthwhile the things you'll do to do what you love

    Oh the things you'll do like working' overtime making' ends meet
    Well you're broke as a joke but it ain't funny always feeling' flat dead on your feet
    But the kids are fed and their jumping' on the bed and you can't keep from cracking' up
    You're changing ties the Lord provides the things you'll do to do what you love
    Lord is it true

    Aaron Watson


    Drivin’ All Night Long

    The full moons glowing out so bright
    It's light out on the highway
    I can't hear the engine for the
    Wheels out on the road
    The wind is blowing freezing
    But it keeps my eyes wide open
    It's 3AM an drivin's far
    And it hauls a heavy load

    I got to tell her that I'm sorry
    I got to tell her I was wrong
    I got to show her I still love her
    And I been drivin all night long

    100 miles from no where
    There are houses on the highway
    Empty and a dark place
    That someone once called home
    Maybe they put sheets on chairs
    And tables like the movies
    But I know in that in real life
    There as empty as my soul


    And if I fail and I turn my wheel
    Into that semi coming
    I know well that there's a man in there
    Just trying to get home
    And waiting up and worrying
    Is a woman loves him dearly
    Ain't thinking clearly
    Cause I been drivin all night long

    People think I'm lazy
    And I'm scared to just stop runnin
    People think I'm crazy
    And I don't know that she's gone
    But I know that I got 200 miles
    To make fore morning
    I don't think too much
    Cause I been drivin all night long



    (Bruce Robison)


    After The Rodeo

    Just worn out truck, a coffee cup and
    Another night out on the interstate
    It’s not exactly where he thought he’d be
    When he reached this age
    There is an old man staring back at him in the rear view
    With a million miles of life in his eyes
    And makes him ask those questions he don’t want to
    Oh, but it might be time

    Does a shooting star miss the sky
    When it hits the ground
    And how long can a woman go on loving you
    If you’re not around
    The years are flying faster now
    So tell me how 8 seconds feel so slow
    And I wonder where old cowboys go
    After the rodeo

    There’s a house and 80 acres he calls home
    When he is not on the road
    And a woman who’s been true to him so long
    But lonely sure gets old
    Lately he’s been thinking bout her all the time
    And on nights like this he’ll miss her most of all
    His body and his mind knows that he needs to find
    A softer place to fall


    Lord I wonder where old cowboys go

    (Don Rollins/Troy Olsen)