THE UNDERDOG (2015) Tracks



    The Prayer

    My mountain is a mole hill, my throne’s a busted chair 
    This crown has turned to rust and it’s all tangled in my hair
    This high horse that I ride on is gonna buckle at the knee
    Upon my castle made of sand I cannot be the king of me

    There’s the man in white, his words are painted red
    There’s power in his blood and only truth in what is said
    There’s the man in black with a needle in his vein
    Lying flat upon his back this is the prayer that he once prayed


    And this harem in my heart is filled with pot metal and fools gold
    Once your statue turns to dirt all that’s left in the end is your soul
    God save your soul

    So he said shout out of control with all your heart and soul
    Though this cold world may tear you apart
    Let the whole world know



    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)


    River’s strong you can’t swim inside it
    We could string some lights up the hill beside it
    Tonight the moon’s so bright
    You could drive with your headlights out
    ‘Cause a little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about
    Girl you look fine, fine, fine
    Put your feet up next to mine
    We can watch that water line
    Get higher and higher
    Say, say, say
    Ain’t this been some kind of day
    You and me been catching on
    Like a wildfire

    Don’t get up just to get another
    You can drink from mine
    We can’t leave each other
    We can dance with the dead
    You can rest your head
    On my shoulder if you want to get older with me
    ‘Cause a little bit of summer makes a lot of history




    (John Mayer)
    © 2013 Goodium Music Inc. (ASCAP), Used by permission. All rights reserved


    Freight Train

    Gonna give ‘em that two four four on the floor
    Like them outlaw boys done did before
    Got the pretty girls out there beggin’ for more
    Gotta give ‘em all what they came here for
    Doing my thing, singing my song, right on track I’m chuggin’ along
    I’m here and gone like yesterday rolling like an old freight train

    On a wing and a prayer and a glorified Greyhound bus
    Flying down the road running 9-0 and kicking up dust
    Drinking truck stop coffee counting birds on those telephone wires
    Burning the midnight oil and the tread off these ol’ Goodyear tires


    And sometimes my mind is a million miles away
    I know you’re sound asleep at home while I’m on this stage
    And I’m missing you wishing I was kissing you every day
    But girl I gotta keep on rolling, rolling like an old freight train

    And it’s a mighty lonesome sound when there’s not a soul around
    To help you ease your pain
    But you gotta keep rolling, rolling like an old freight train


    Comin’ on down the line
    Feel that diesel engine wind
    Smell the smokestack
    Hear the gears grind
    Full steam ahead
    Half way outta my mind
    I’m too far gone to be turnin’ back
    Going clickety clack on the railroad track
    I’m here and gone like yesterday rolling like an old freight train
    Just like an ol’ freight train
    Tell me do you wanna ride this train

    (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Tim Nichols)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) / Hillbilly Poetry (BMI) / Nichols Boys Music (BMI) / Goes Something Like This Music (BMI). All rights admin. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)


    That Look

    She keeps it all together, I always come unwound
    She’s cool calm and collected, I wanna paint the town
    She’s like a Sunday morning, I’m a dance hall Saturday night
    She’s like a stain glass window, I’m a Lonestar neon light

    She has another side that no one sees but me
    She is the only one that brings me to my knees
    There’s something about Sinatra and a bottle of chardonnay
    Without a single word she takes my breath away

    When she gets that look in her eyes
    When she gets that want you need to love you
    Right now kind of look in her eyes
    She’s always looking so fine that I can’t believe mine
    And when those stars align just add a little white wine
    And moonlight and that girls’ off the hook
    When she’s good she’s good
    But even better when she gets that look

    She sparkles like a diamond she twinkles like a star
    She’s like a ray of sunshine that always melts my heart
    And when I’m feeling empty her love makes me whole
    Just like a country breeze that soothes my weary soul


    Slow dancin’, romancin’
    She’s up to something wearin’ nothin’ but her beautiful smile
    She’s up to something wearin’ nothin’ but her beautiful smile


    There’s something about Sinatra and a bottle of chardonnay
    Without a single word she takes my breath away
    She’s like a Sunday morning, I’m a Saturday night
    She’s like a stain glass window, I’m a neon light

    Aaron Watson
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)


    Getaway Truck

    They say you never know whatcha got until it’s gone
    He’s gonna learn the hard way when he finds you long gone
    Gone like the wind in your hair, hands in the air singing so long good luck
    I wanna set your heart free, ride with me, I wanna be your getaway
    Heart free, ride with me, I wanna be your getaway truck

    1989 Cheyenne Chevrolet
    Five speed single cab bench seat faded grey
    Turned over twice ain’t too nice but it knows how to run
    Girl I’ll get you out with a bang like a bullet from a gun

    Summertime sunshine cheap sunglasses
    My heart sang southern twang sweeter than molasses
    Like a country angel two steppin’ in my dancehall dreams
    Girl you’ve got a heart of gold and your beautiful in blue jeans


    They say life is like a highway it can turn into a dead end road
    I ain’t afraid to get stuck I’ve got a four wheel drive kind of heart
    My love is tough enough to carry any load


    Heart free, ride with me, I wanna be your getaway truck
    I wanna be your getaway truck

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)


    Bluebonnets (Julia's Song)

    In another time and place Grandma would kiss my face
    Wish I could go back there again
    I’d climb up in my Grandpa’s lap I’d lay down and take a nap
    That old man and me were best friends

    And one day I turned around the leaves of fall had fallen down
    Those fields were bare and brown and they were gone, long gone

    Like bluebonnets in the spring we’re only here for a little while
    It’s beautiful and bittersweet so make the most of every mile
    So pack light and love heavy give it all your heart and soul
    So in the end you won’t regret one thing
    Life is like bluebonnets in the spring

    There’s so much I can’t explain such as gravity and pain
    Still I remain blind folded and full of faith
    I kiss my angel girl goodbye, still can’t help but wonder why
    But I believe I’ll see her again someday

    So hold ‘em tender and hold ’em tight, pray every morning day and night
    God will help you raise them right and don’t you blink, don’t blink


    Life can be filled full sorrow
    Time is something you can’t borrow
    So love like there’s no tomorrow
    Because today could be the day


    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)


    That's Why God Loves Cowboys

    He wanted someone who loves the land as much as he does
    Someone who knows the blessings of a good hard rain
    Somebody simple and strong that he knows he can count on
    Soft as the wind yet bold enough to bless his name

    That’s why God loves cowboys I believe there’s a place in his heart
    Cause when the hurt needs tending and fences need mending
    He knows they’ll work hard
    On his great big ranch called life cause they love and take care
    Of all his creations from the horses they ride
    To those broken hearted honky tonk angels
    Oooh oooh that’s why God loves cowboys

    He knew they’d need room to breathe and freedom
    So he gave ‘em Texas and those big Montana skies
    He was there when he heard those prayers comin’ from Cheyenne
    Right beside that young man on his last ride

    Oooh those cold nights get lonely
    He needs more than just a good fire to keep him warm
    Oooh there’s nothing more holy
    Than the love of a woman to weather life’s storm

    (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Sarah Buxton)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI), Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) / Hillbilly Poetry (BMI) / Goes Something Like This Music (BMI). All rights admin. by Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Big Red Toe / Bux Tone Music (BMI) (admin. by Big Loud Bucks). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured.


    That's Gonna Leave A Mark

    First kiss I thought I died and gone to heaven
    There in the parking lot of that ol' 7 Eleven
    I filled up her truck, I went in to pay
    When I walked out she was with him smiling as she drove away

    I know that's gonna leave a mark just like a tattoo on my heart
    My little brunette wrecking ball with a sexy southern draw
    Is gonna tear my world apart
    And I know just like a moth drawn to a flame
    I'll come running when she whispers my name
    And like a tattoo on my heart I know that's gonna leave a mark

    If you play with fire your bound to get burned
    You would think by now that I would have learned
    But she's looking so hot so what can I say
    My mama said don't but I did it anyway


    Ah tug on them heartstrings

    I wish she didn't look so dang good
    I wish she wouldn't smile at me that way
    There's an exit light shining brighter than the sun
    Like a sign from above telling me to run away

    And like a tattoo on my heart I know she's gonna leave a mark

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)

    The Underdog

    Don’t you ever let this world push you around
    Use your head and keep your feet firmly on the ground 
    If you get knocked down get back up and try again

    Don’t you ever lose that sparkle in your eyes 
    Don’t bottle up your passion like a jar of fireflies
    If you ever lose sight of your light and you feel like givin’ in

    Don’t you forget your faith in God above
    Don’t you forget your Mom and Daddy’s love 
    When you fear when you fail when you feel your gonna fall 
    Follow your heart and always believe in the underdog

    Don’t buy a thing unless you can pay in cash 
    Go ahead and throw those credit cards in the trash 
    Love is a virtue, honesty is the key, say your prayers, brush your teeth
    And don’t you watch too much TV

    If you’re down in the count, one strike away 
    Choke up and crowd the plate and put the ball in play 
    Keep your nose down when you win and keep your head up when you lose 
    And you’re gonna lose


    And there will come a day when I will fly away 
    So make me smile while we’re apart 
    You gotta sing from your soul and play with all of your heart

    There’s a good chance your heart will break in two 
    Trust that God has someone special planned for you 
    Did you know I was down on love and luck when he sent your mom to me

    Someday you’ll have babies of your own 
    So cherish every moment you’re gonna blink and they’ll be grown 
    The greatest honor that I’ve ever had is having you call me your dad


    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)


    Blame It On Those Baby Blues

    Now there you go giving that eye with your hand on my thigh
    You got me swerving all over the place
    You got me wanting and needing you're the reason for my speeding
    And you know you can't blame it on the brakes

    Blame it on those baby blues for looking like you do
    Blame it on your slow dancin' country road romancing
    Blame it on the moonlight shining bright tailgate kinda summer night
    Blame it on you for loving me so true
    Girl you can blame it on your smile, your whisper and your touch
    Blame it on your lips for kissing me so much
    Blame it on those baby blues but you can't blame me for loving you

    Hey when the sun goes down on this sleepy little town
    You turn my world into a country love song
    Take a good long look in the mirror and no it couldn't be any clearer
    And you'll see what turns my radio on


    Way you love me can't get enough of me
    Rain or shine all the time with all your heart and soul
    I'll be looking in your eyes by the time the sunrise
    Comes shining through your bedroom window

    No, no matter what you do
    Girl you can't blame me for loving you
    You can blame it on those baby blues for looking like you do

    (Aaron Watson, Hunter Hutchinson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI), Hunter Hutchinson designee

    One Of Your Nights

    I've had one of those days, good for nothing kinda days
    I've had hard luck, bad luck and no luck at all
    Girl I need you to be my soft place to fall

    So lay your pretty head on my side of the bed
    I'll turn it on and on when I turn off those bedroom lights
    Say you want me to stay, kiss my worries away, far away
    I've had one of those days, good for nothing kinda days
    Baby I need one of your nights

    I long to hold you tight, fine wine and candlelight
    I've had red lights, bar fights, bright lights blinding me
    Girl I need your touch to set me free


    Girl we've got that kind of romance, one that we'll dance
    Without even touching the ground
    Remember that night on your street I said I'd sweep you off your feet
    Well forever is forever and I'm never gonna let you down
    Never ever gonna let you down


    I've had one of those days, good for nothing kinda days

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI)

    Family Tree

    Sunday afternoon church potluck
    George Jones blaring from my Grandpa's truck
    Granny's fried chicken and her sweet tea
    Now that's a bittersweet memory

    The ol' tire swing where my little boys play
    Well that was me only yesterday
    Doing double back flips off a branch in the tank
    Kissin' on you and fishing from the bank

    We've had some good times, got through the bad times
    The sound of laughter always covers up the sad times
    Strong as an oak, solid as a hickory
    That's the love made in the shade of our family tree

    Passed down from my Granny and my Grandpa
    Mom and Dad kept it safe kept it sturdy and tall
    Summers were hot winters were long
    But our roots were deep and our faith was strong

    Now some are gone and some are all grown
    You and me baby branched out on our own
    With every sunset comes another sunrise
    I can see my Daddy in our little boy's eyes


    We've lost loved ones throughout the years
    Remember their smiles and dry those tears
    Cause they live on in your heart and mine
    So let love grow like a kudzu vine


    Sunday afternoon church potluck
    George Jones blaring from my Grandpa's truck
    A family that prays together is a family that stays together
    Love the Lord thy God and Savior with all your heart and love thy neighbor
    A family that prays together is a family that stays together
    Love the Lord thy God and Savior with all your heart and love thy neighbor

    (Aaron Watson, Keith Stegall)
    © 2014 Tunes From HTK (BMI), The Writers Building (BMI)


    Rodeo Queen

    We pull into town try to find the fairgrounds
    Park this Cadillac out back behind the loading shoots
    Finally made the big show traveling with the rodeo
    I'm one of the boys that makes sure nobody pays with their

    Life ain't easy for a joker like me
    I got a smile painted on my face it's only make believe

    She's got me where she wants me
    Got me blinkin' when they call for the gate
    I'm afraid someone's gonna get hurt case I'm not thinking straight
    I'm in love with the rodeo queen
    A clown in love with the rodeo queen

    Every night the crowd goes wild when they see her ridin'
    Shining like a diamond she don't even know my name
    I try to turn my feelings off before they load the roughstock
    Gotta get my stuff together take a shot and forget how much

    Time stands still when the bulls starts spinning
    When the bull starts spinning, when the bull starts spinning


    And maybe by Telluride
    I might work up the nerve to tell her I
    Ain't just some fool in a barrel no
    There's a real heart beating underneath my
    Oversized Wranglers yellow suspenders
    I might look like it but I ain't a pretender
    No, no

    I gotta tell her, I gotta tell her, gotta tell her that


    (Troy Olsen, John Caldwell, Jim Beavers)
    © 2014 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) / Hillbilly Poetry (BMI) / Made For This Music (BMI) All rights admin. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Sony/ATV Tree Publishing / Dontcallmebrett Music (BMI), Opposite Spectrum (ASCAP)


    Fence Post

    Now this is a true story, for the most part, that occurred on the top floor
    Of this big wig record executive's office in Nashville, Tennessee
    Now understand I'm not poking any fun or disrespecting anybody
    God knows I love country music with all my hear and soul
    And I love the Grand Ole Opry

    But I do have a problem with someone who can't even play a D chord on a guitar
    Telling someone with a dream that they won't get far
    So this song is dedicated to all those underdogs like me out there runnin' around
    Don't get discouraged if you have a dream, don't be afraid to chase it down
    This is how it goes

    He said "Son don't get offended by what I'm about to say
    I can see you have a passion for the songs you write and play
    But you lack what we all call commercial appeal
    And you just don't have what it takes to make it here in Nashville"

    Well my heart felt like a train wreck but I wore a smile on my face
    I said, "Thank you for your time sir," I put my guitar back in it's case
    Our little conversation was like a revelation redirecting my dreams
    Cause God knows I'd never sell my soul to rock n' roll or rap or wear those tight skinny jeans

    Cause you know I'd rather sing my own songs than be a puppet on a string
    I wear what I wanna wear, I'm gonna sing what I wanna sing
    Heaven knows all I need is my faith, my fans, my friends and my family
    Besides I'd rather be an old fence post in Texas than the king of Tennessee

    So I loaded up my ol' pick up truck, I drove back home to Amarillo
    Got a gig off old route 66 at this ballroom called The Armadillo
    And for the first 1000 show or so not a soul showed up
    I thought about quitting every other day but I just kept on kicking that cup

    Yeah I kept kicking that can surrounded by blood, sweat and beers
    And wouldn't you know I became an overnight sensation in just over ten years
    And now I'm packing out all the dancehalls and the rodeos every night
    I got a pretty wife, a ranch, a band, a bus, a boat, I'd say I'm doing alright


    Well wouldn't you know that ol' record man showed up one night at this honky tonking bar
    After my show he said, "Son I believe you might be the next big country star"
    He said, "We like how you keep it raw, we like how your keeping it real
    And I think you may just have what we all like to call commercial appeal"
    Huh, ain't that somethin', well sir

    Than to sell my soul to rock n' roll or rap or wear those tight fittin' skinny jeans

    (Aaron Watson)
    © 2014 Tunes from HTK (BMI)