[RARE COUNTRY] This country star explains the bittersweet reason why he might envy you

The life of a touring musician can look like a lot of fun ó traveling the country (sometimes the world) with your band in a different city every night and playing music to adoring crowds. But, the road can be hard. That whole ďdifferent city every nightĒ isnít as easy as it sounds when youíre living out of a suitcase. And imagine not being able to share major experiences with the people you love the most.

ďItís the part that I donít like,Ē Aaron Watson says. In a Rare Country exclusive, the Texas superstar opened up about the darker side to life on the road. ďItís hard because Iím homesick when Iím gone,Ē he says. ďSometimes I feel like I donít live while Iím gone, I just kind of exist while Iím out on the road and I feel like Iím really living when Iím home.Ē

Make no mistake, Aaron isnít complaining. The father of Jack, Jake and Jolee Kate adds, ďThe older they get, the tougher it is on me because they understand more and they miss me, but cry me a river. Iím not the only mom or dad that has to make those sacrifices. Lots of moms and dads are out there working hard to make a living for their family and thatís just part of it, but I do miss them and I ache when Iím out on the road. I literally ache to see them. I canít help it and I canít help but grieve that Iím missing precious memories. But on the flip side, we get to make some memories, and we make the most of them.Ē

Those memories often come courtesy of the Mouse. Aaron laughs and tells us, ďI told baby girl if she wants me to take her to Disney World the week before Christmas every year until the day I die, Iíll do that. And, sure enough, weíre on year two now. We took the time off and flew to Disney World and stayed up until 2 in the morning doing the extended pass play and it just kicked my butt carrying that little 40-pound, blue-eyed brunette on my shoulders a hundred miles a day. It kicked my butt.Ē

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