[LIVING MAGAZINE] Texas' own underdog is back with Vaquero

Texas singer-songwriter Aaron Watsonís newest album, Vaquero, is a fitting title for the hard-working cowboy. Living caught up with him just prior to the albumís release last month to ask about Vaquero, the follow-up to his indie success story, 2015ís The Underdog.

Living Magazine: Aaron, youíve cut your own path in the country music industry. While being an independent artist and making your own records, you have also garnered huge success.

Aaron Watson: Yes! For me, music is something that Iím very passionate about, and thatís what I have always wanted to do, how I have wanted to make a living. I believed in myself and Iíve always been surrounded by a wonderful group of family and friends that believed in me. I always drew a lot of strength from that. As far as the music industry went, I had a lot of people tell me no. I had one guy tell me that maybe I could be a regional act, or in a cover band. There were comments made throughout the years that may have hurt my feelings, but I got over that and I kinda used the words, and it fueled my fire.

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