Real Good Time (2012)

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    Real Good Time

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    Real Good Time

    So cast away all our cares in the world,
    like a worm on a hook on a cane pole line,
    Let your hair down,
    kick your feet up,
    let a country boy show you a real good time.

    So honey lets find a little fun,
    make a little noise,
    throw a little sawdust on a hardwood floor,
    wanna shine that buckle,
    while Iím holdiní you tight,
    on a good time lonestar Saturday night

    Naw, donít worry bout the preacher man,
    he used to play fiddle in a honky-tonk band.
    Iíll have you there bright and early
    in the front row pew,
    Lord knows I love lovin on you.


    Call your Mama,
    tell her donít wait.
    Leave the light on cause weíre gonna be late.
    Gonna do it up right,
    gonna shut the place down,
    gonna find a highway a little ways from town,

    Down a dirt road,
    past a windmill,
    round the pumpjack just over the hill,
    thereís a tire swing hangin from a live oak tree,
    we can flip skinny dippin down in the creek.


    Girl let me love you,
    like its our last night,
    I wanna see the stars in your eyes,
    then make a little magic,
    there in the moonlight,
    and top it off with a Texas sunrise.



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    Summertime Girl

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    Summertime Girl

    Donít you know life is kinda crazy,
    what are the chances that Iíd see you here.
    I think about you round this time every year.
    Raciní down this Texas highway,
    chasing after dreams of love,
    I thought I had it all.
    Dancing with you down at Gruene Hall,
    I smile when I think about:

    You and me in the cab of that olí pickup truck,
    our first kiss my foot slipped off the clutch,
    bit my lip and laughed out loud and your still laughin now.
    I loved you so much,
    both believing in promises we couldnít keep,
    Havin way too much fun and too little sleep.
    Once upon a time you were my world,
    but youíll always be my Summertime Girl.

    Our little town was lazy,
    there wasnít much to do to pass the time,
    so we got bored and stole that county road sign.
    Just like you did with my heart,
    you stole it away and tore it apart,
    left it shot full of holes,
    girl I guess thatís the way it
    goes, Lord knows we had a good run.


    I thought my heart would stop;
    yeah, I thought my life would end.
    When you said goodbye,
    to my surprise;
    the sun came up again.

    And when those bluebonnets bloom,
    it reminds me of you;
    down on that river walk.
    On that forth of July,
    let those fireworks fly.
    With willie and the boys,
    down in Luckenbach.

    Youíll always be my Summertime Girl.

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    Girl you donít have to get dolled up,
    My old T-shirt on you,
    will do just fine.
    Besides, you know nothing stays on you too long,
    once youíre in these arms of mine.
    And Iíve seen you pretty in pink,
    Iíve seen you beautiful in blue.
    I have to say,
    I love the way my lips look on you.

    So, lay back baby and close your eyes.
    Let me run my fingers through your hair,
    soft kisses down the side of your neck,
    and we both know where it goes from there.
    Girl even after all these years,
    loviní you still feels brand new,
    I just have to say,
    I love the way my lips look on you.

    That cotton dress that you wore tonight,
    looked amazing on you,
    and thatís for sure.
    Not as good as it does right now,
    lyiní there on our bedroom floor.
    And I like the way I make you blush,
    I wanna take you where weíve never been,
    I wanna whisper in your ear,
    I wanna taste your sweet skin.


    I just have to say, I love the way my lips look on you.

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    Turn Around

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    Turn Around

    Young man on the side of the road,
    lost and beat up with nowhere to go.
    Smells like a hangover from days ago,
    but he does what he can to survive.

    Single mom with a dead end job,
    90 hour week just to keep what sheís got.
    But the bills add up and now sheís caught,
    she does what she can to survive.
    Well, let me say that love wonít take away the pain.
    But donít be afraid cause it will never walk away.

    If your scared that you donít matter.
    If your lost and need to be found.
    If your lookiní for a savior.
    All you gotta do is turn around.

    Some turn to a bottle.
    Some turn to a drug.
    Some turn to anotherís arms,
    but it seems like itís never enough.
    Well, I wonít say that you will never fail again.
    But, there is grace to wash away your every sin.

    Turn around.

    You donít have to take the broken road,
    You can turn around and come back home.
    You donít have to take the broken road,
    turn around and come back home.


    No one listens to you anymore,
    and your heart has broken down.
    You donít need to move,
    Love has come to you.
    All you gotta do is turn around.
    All you gotta do is turn around.

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    July In Cheyenne (Song for Lane's momma)

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    July In Cheyenne

    In the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne,
    they had to carry away that brave young man.
    A little part of every heart of every rodeo fan,
    died there in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne.

    Lookin' back it doesn't seem so long ago,
    he was bigger than life, God rest his soul.
    Why he died that day is hard to understand,
    Right there in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne.

    So tip your hat to the cowboy every once in a while,
    and take time to remember that cowboy's smile.
    A little part of every heart of every rodeo fan,
    Died there in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne.

    No buckles on a shelf collecting dust,
    still his memory shines inside of all of us.
    Some miss their hero, some miss their friend;
    his mom and daddy long to see their little boy again.


    In the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne,
    they had to carry away that brave young man.
    If your washed in the blood someday you'll see him again,
    and it won't be in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne.

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    Cadillac Cowboy (with Justin McBride)

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    Cadillac Cowboy

    Hold tight with a leather fist,
    watch out when he starts to twist.
    Itís what the daddyís used to tell them boys,
    how to ride them bulls.
    Got a jingle in my jeans,
    sore places in between.
    And Iím leaviní old Abilene,
    with a push and a pull.

    10-4 buddy come on back,
    a horse trailer on a Cadillac.
    Yeah weíre talking to the cowboy,
    in the coupe deville.
    Chug-a-lugginí up one side,
    slidiní down the other.
    Well, Iím a lover of the other side,
    of the hill.

    Turn up that radio,
    donít wanna think about a rodeo.
    Donít wanna think about a round-up,
    in olí Cheyenne.
    ĎCause itís a crazy circuit,
    Aww but still ya work it.
    Turn down that sound boys,
    letís get up and check the scan.


    Bandanna hanginí on my mirror,
    still wet from ear to ear.
    Well, I guess its true then,
    what the wise men say.
    When you ride your last one,
    make sure heís a fast one.
    And jump while heís moviní,
    tip your hat boys and walk away.


    Hey, Iím a lover of the other side of the hill.

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    He broke your heart,
    And he kissed a bottom-feediní sucker-fish,
    in front of you.

    Deep down you knew that it was never gonna last,
    ĎCuz heís a piece of stink-bait,
    Always actiní like a bass and,
    Now youíre thinkiní
    Your ship is slowly sinkiní.
    Youíre stayiní up all night long,
    Drowniní in your drinkiní.
    Before you give up,
    Get your rear back in the water.
    Dance a jig,
    Or tie on a hula popper.

    Then you throw out a line,
    reel it back in.
    If you catch a boot,
    you gotta cast it out again.
    You know youíll never catch a keeper,
    if you sit around and cry.
    So get back in that boat and fish!

    Now you heard the girl heís kissiní,
    is stirriní up a wake.
    Sayin she hooked you good,
    and threw you right back in the lake.
    Just remember what your mama said,
    about sticks and rocks.
    Even though youíd like to smack her,
    with your metal tackle box.


    So donít say farewell to forever,
    like happy ever after ainít never gonna work.
    Donít you throw the towel in.
    The last one you drug in,
    was just a state record-breakiní,
    large-mouth jerk.

    CHORUS and,

    Yeah, get back in that boat and fish!

    Girl, get back in that boat,
    And fish!

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    Leather and Lace (with Elizabeth Cook)

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    Leather and LaceĒ
    (with Elizabeth Cook)

    I love so fragile,
    and the heart so hollow.
    Shatter with words,
    impossible to follow.

    Youíre saying Iím fragile,
    I try not to be.
    I search only for something,
    I canít see.

    I have my own life,
    and I am stronger than you know.

    But I carry this feeliní;
    when you walked into my house,
    that you wonít be walking out the door.

    Still I carry this feeling;
    when you walked into my house,
    that you wonít be walking out the door

    Lovers forever,
    face to face.
    My city or mountains,
    stay with me stay.
    I need you to love me,
    I need you today.
    Give to me your leather;
    take from me,
    My lace.

    You in the moonlight,
    with your sleepy eyes;
    could you ever love a man like me.

    And you were right;
    when I walked into your house,
    I knew Iíd never want to leave.

    Sometimes Iím a strong man,
    sometimes cold and scared,
    and sometimes I cry

    But that night I saw you;
    I knew with you light my nights,
    Somehow Iíd get by.


    Take from me,
    My lace.
    Take from me,
    My lace.

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    Raise Your Bottle

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    Raise Your Bottle

    There's a memory that rings clear as a bell,
    I was bounciní like a bull rider on his knee.
    I sure miss those old stories that he'd tell;
    from a hobo on a freight train,
    to a sailor out at sea.
    My granny says that Iíve got his smile;
    he's the reason I take pride in my last name.
    No he never made the headlines,
    nobody sings his song;
    so for every unsung hero Iím singin this today.

    So raise your bottle to the boys and let's remember,
    all the fallen and the price they had to pay.
    Hold 'em up high and salute all the ones that made it back,
    and for the ones away from home;
    don't forget to pray.

    Grandpa would sing you every Hank Williams song,
    but it's amazing grace that brought him back around.
    he'd shed a tear talkiní about the day,
    that German gunner shot his best friend down.

    My daddy fought a war some say in vain;
    he came home in a wheel chair,
    he walks with a kane.
    Seems like every generation has to pay the cost,
    I think about my family,
    and the good friends that we've lost.


    From Normandy to Korea,
    to Kason Vietnam.
    Heartaches stretch from coast to coast.
    From Bunker Hill to Filucia,
    Gettysburg to Japan;
    everyone who's ever served or lost someone let's make a toast.


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    Texas Boys (with Pat Green & Josh Abbott)

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    Texas Boys
    (with Pat Green & Josh Abbott)

    Now first of all I gotta warn you,
    before you fall in love with me.
    This here kickiní out the footlights,
    ainít all its cracked up to be.
    Well, cheap hotels and truck stop coffee,
    itís what makes the wheels go round.
    I know exactly what your thinkiní girl,
    God only knows if Iíll ever settle down.

    So if you think you can take it,
    and enjoy the nonsense and the noise.
    Girl it ainít easy holdiní on to,
    hard liviní, honky tonkin, Texas boys.

    Just ask the women who have been there,
    whoíve lived and breathed that crazy life.
    Ask sweet Jessie about olí Wayland,
    Ask olí Willieís four ex-wives.
    Some day your gonna want a family,
    some day you may be wantiní more.
    In a king size bed thatís always lonely,
    whenever I walk out your door.

    But, CHORUS

    Thereís something about them neon signs,
    Iím like a moth drawn to a flame.
    Blame it on a smoky bar or a cryiní steel guitar,
    Those pretty girls screaminí my name.

    Girl it ainít easy holdiní on to,
    hard liviní, honky tonkin, Texas boys.

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    Nowhere Fast

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    Lyrics are not available
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    Deer Blind (with Kevin Fowler & John Anderson)

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    Deer Blind
    (with Kevin Fowler & John Anderson)

    Itís finally here;
    todayís the day,
    I had a 12 point buck 50 yards away.
    But I got a different kinda huntiní on my mind,
    I got my baby up in my deer blind.

    Country music on the radio,
    pull the real tree camouflage shades down low.
    Life is good,
    girl youíre lookin fine.
    Thank God I got my baby up in my deer blind.

    I dreamed about it,
    waited all year;
    forgot it all when you whispered in my ear.
    Iím lost for words,
    what can I say?
    I never knew they made Mossy Oak negligee.


    Well, that old game warden,
    he better steer clear;
    there ainít no poachiní goiní on up here.
    Its warm and cozy,
    and the stars are bright above.
    Donít knock it till you try a little redneck love.



    Itís finally here;
    todayís the day,
    I had a 12 point buck 50 yards away.
    But I got a different kinda huntiní on my mind,
    thank God I got my baby up in my deer blind.

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    Hey Y'all (My Contribution to Ruining Country Music! HA!)

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    Hey Yíall

    I say 'Hey y'all, look at me!'
    I'm the name of the game and they call me Country.
    'Cause I can rattle that buck,
    hook a big cat;
    my girl is skinny but my rhymes are phat.
    I'm a gun-totin', big mouth, bass boatin'
    and my granny likes a chew and chaw.
    I've been saved from sin,
    can I get an 'amen',
    and then can I get a 'Hey, y'all!'?

    You know I got a
    jacked up pickup truck,
    with mud flaps and a 4-wheel drive.
    I got it decked out like a Country pimp,
    I'll even let you twirl my fuzzy dice.
    'Cause I'm a blue collar,
    redneck crazy,
    white boy from the south.
    And if you city folk got a problem with that,
    Sweet Potato Pie shut your mouth!


    If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd on the radio,
    let me know and I'll sing you 'Free Bird'.
    I like Johnny Cash,
    Grand Master Flash;
    I'm name droppin' like you never heard.
    I won't try it unless you fry it,
    put the Crisco in the pan.
    I love fresh fried,
    red hot,
    hush puppies.
    I got gravy running down my chin.


    Now all these hot senoritas want to ride with me,
    I got 'em crawling up the side of my GMC.
    Country Boys got my back,
    Country Girls on my hook.
    My 30-30 shined up and she lookin' good,
    An' someone flyin' on my redneck roots;
    knocking my gold belt buckle and my snake skin boots.
    But I'm in it to win it so place your bets,
    and tell the whole world that I'm the Honky Tonk Kid.


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    Barbed Wire Halo

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    Barbed Wire Halo

    God bless Texas and Deacon Shackleford
    He read the bible seven times and he believed every word
    That olí beat up leather book had been through it all
    He sat on the back pew so he could chew him a chaw singing

    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me

    He carried candy for the kids in his Sunday dress coat
    Heíd take me fishing after church, he taught me things I needed to know
    No Deacon didnít have a family, Lord knows he wished he did
    He told the whole congregation that I was his grandkid


    And today he joined up with Jesus wearing shiny pearl snaps
    We sang a few gospel hymns and then the soldier played taps
    I bet heís walking with Pete down a street paved with gold
    Showing off his brand spanking new wings and his barbed wire halo

    He married sweet Emma Grace before the war was through
    She held his right arm next to his anchor tattoo
    He was on a ship off at sea, when she died in child birth
    He lost his whole world from the far side of the earth

    He lost the will to love, he lost the will to live
    Until he met a man who taught him to forgive
    Yeah life took him to hell and back, to hell and back a time or two
    But in the end he beat the devil until he was black and blue

    Singing I once was lost, but now Iím found, was blind but now I seeí


    Before he went he made me promise him that I wouldnít cry
    And though I told him that I wouldnít you know I couldnít help but lie

    Cause today he joined up with Jesus wearing shiny pearl snaps

    We sang a few gospel hymns and then the soldier played taps
    I bet heís walking with Pete down a street paved with gold
    As sure as the old church bell still rings
    He always said he had country in his soul
    Heís showing off his brand spanking new wings and barbed wire halo

    Sweet chariot coming forth to carry me home
    Swing low sweet chariot coming forth to carry me home

    (Aaron Watson/Neal Lowry)
    © 2008 Sonnet Publishing LLC (Aaron Watson Songs BMI)

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    I still think about us and the rush we felt
    With the rag top down and radio blastiní
    You were riding shotgun in nothing but a bikini and seatbelt
    Looking better than the law should a been allowing

    I couldnít keep my eyes on the road and off of you
    With those hot pink toe nails dancing on the dashboard
    Griping Ďbout that little Texas town and how there was nothing to do
    Our hearts were bored, begging to be explored


    We hit the corners going ninety, Ioving blindly, falling head over heels over you
    Every feeling that we felt was a feeling that felt brand new
    You looked just like an angel with that cross on your necklace
    You were young, I was wild, we were reckless

    We drive on down to the river burning up those hot summer nights
    Laughing at the cowboys getting crazy and picking fights
    It wasnít funny when the deputy caught you and me steamy up those windows
    How your daddy never found out about it honey heaven only knows


    I looked into your eyes and I promised you forever
    I believed it with all my heart I just didnít know any better
    Getting over you took years and despite those tears I cried
    Iíd do it all over again all for the thrill of the ride

    (Aaron Watson, Neal Lowry)
    © 2003 Sonnet Publishing

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    Off The Record

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    Off The Record

    I got a letter from your lawyer
    And you got one from mine
    They say Itís gonna be final
    Once we sign that dotted line

    Weíll I guess weíll get our freedom
    And a so called fresh new start
    But when you take half of everything
    Youíll be taking half my heart

    Our love got lost somewhere in lifeís complications
    Torn between two lawyers and all their legal litigations


    Off the record, thereís something I need to say to you
    This ainít easy but itís what my heart has to do
    Cause I canít let you go until I let you know
    Off the record, Iím still in love with you

    I took down our wedding picture
    From above the fireplace
    And I stood there awhile
    Starring at your pretty face

    Have we lost our love
    To differences we canít resolve
    I guess if push comes to shove
    Thank God no children are involved

    I can still see you throwing your rose bouquet
    I never thought Iíd see the day weíd throw it all away


    Iíve done all I can do now all I can do is pray
    And ask the Lord to let me hear you say

    (Aaron Watson, Neal Lowry)
    © 2002 Sonnet Publishing

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    I Donít Want You to Go

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    I Donít Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave)

    Youíre too hard to handle;
    scandal after scandal,
    you must think Iím naÔve.
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave.
    Itís those wild alibis and outrageous lies,
    you expect me to believe.
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave.

    Well Iíve thought about it and Iíve made up my mind,
    itís time we call it quits.
    You know you may be fun for a Saturday night,
    but the rest of the week is the pits.
    I measured what we had;
    between the good and the bad,
    and thereís too much uncertainty.
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave.

    You placed the blame on the pink champagne,
    for dancing naked on New Yearís Eve.
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave.
    Iíll buy a one way ticket, the destination you pick it
    anywhere from Tulsa to Tel Aviv
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave.


    Anytime youíre nice,
    I canít help but think twice
    That thereís something up your sleeve.
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave
    I donít want you to go,
    but I need you to leave

    (Aaron Watson, Neal Lowry)
    © 2002 Sonnet Publishing LLC, Aaron Watson Songs BMI

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    Honky Tonk Kid (with Willie Nelson)

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    The Honky Tonk Kid

    Heís wrinkled and grey but heís still got the fire
    He sings on the stage like a bird on a wire
    Heíll pack emí in like he always did
    Everybody loves the honky tonk kid

    He got his first guitar when he was fifteen
    Thirsting for knowledge, all hungry and green
    Strumminí that six string just like Lefty did
    Everybody loves the honky tonk kid


    The honky tonk kid loves the honk tonk crowd
    He picks them up when the world gets them down
    But the smoke and the neon keep his pain hide
    No one really knows the honky tonk kid

    Ten million fans and a handful of friends
    But heíll go home alone when each nights ends
    Heíll think about her and then twist off a lid
    Nobody loves the honky tonk kid


    It wonít be long the lord will take him away
    Heíll have sung his last song, theyíll place a wreath on his grave
    Heíll draw a crowd like he always did
    One last goodbye for the honky tonk kid

    (Aaron Watson, Kris Bergsnes)
    © 2003 Sonnet Publishing